Hello all!

So it has literally been half a dozen years since I put any real effort into a blog. I did do one a few years ago but only for a week and then closed it. This time though I am going to really try and keep at it!

Introductions! In case you bypassed my about me page, my name is Alicia. I am recently married to an amazing guy and mommy to a soon to be 5 year old! My life is definitely busy! After our beautiful wedding, my hubby and I moved into a new home. We’ve been there for 2 months and are almost done unpacking! And with that happy news, I am super pumped to start decorating! I am currently working on a list of projects that I want to tackle throughout our home. Some are simple and easy and will take a couple hours at most, while others might take a couple weekends to complete.

Right now my focus is mostly directed toward a baby shower for my brother and SIL – they just had the most adorable little girl last weekend and I absolutely love her! (I’m a first time aunt – can ya tell?) And then my little boy is having a birthday party! Being the overachieving mommy that I always dreamed of being, I throw him some pretty fun parties – full of DIY decorations and fun! So far we have done Chipmunks, Racing, Airplanes, and Rockets/Space. This year is LEGOs and he is PUMPED! So much so that he is constantly singing “Everything is Awesome!” while playing. Honestly, not my favorite song. But if it makes him happy, I am all good!

In addition to these super fabulous parties, I am adding some children’s artwork and a headboard to the list of things I’d like to do. I spent a little time searching out DIY’s and found some great idea’s for different things to put around the house! Oh – I am a pinterest fanatic. Even though I come from a very creative family, I just love all the inspiration to be found on that glorious site! Feel free to follow me 🙂 I will probably need to start another board just for blog pictures – which I will eventually be posting!

Sorry for all the exclamations – I get overly excited sometimes when it comes to all my projects. Seriously, I don’t know where I think I’ll find the time for all this stuff. I guess that will just be part of the fun! And hopefully in the near future I will be adding baby projects to my list as well 🙂

Just so its all nice and organized, here is a list of different projects I am hoping to do in the next few months and share with all of you:

Storybook Baby Shower
LEGO Birthday Party
DIY Tufted Headboard
Kid’s Artwork
Throw pillow covers
Monogram Wreath
Re-purposed Wine Bottles
Family Calendar
and possible more…

Now… where did I put my tape measure and glue gun…


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