Summer Illness

This past weekend my husband and I got the rare opportunity to go out and see a movie sans Theo. Friday night my youngest brother came over to spend some quality time with his nephew and hubby and I went out to see Lucy. Not gonna lie, we were both a little disappointed. The previews looked like a sci-fi action movie. The actual film became something totally different, delving off into evolution and all kinds of crazy theories and we were just not into it. Felt like a waste of a Friday night! It was however slightly redeemed by a stop at Orange Leaf before heading home. I have a terrible sweet tooth. It gets me in trouble a lot with the scale. Oh well.

After our Friday evening excursion, poor hubby came down with a nasty cold! I really hate summer colds. They’re absolutely no fun, especially if you are like me and suffer from seasonal allergies. Ugh. So he laid around all day Saturday, napping on and off. Completely spoiling my plans of closet organization and getting things done! Sunday we ran errands all over the place. Had to take my ring into Jared’s as one of my tiny diamonds had fallen off! I so appreciate they lifetime warranty they offer for their jewelry. Then we needed groceries and hubby need to return a razor he’d purchased. By the time we got home we had one cranky little boy in desperate need of a nap!

Speaking of naps – my 4 year old is still taking 2 hour naps every afternoon. We occasionally have days where he doesn’t sleep but will lay in bed and look at his books or something. I have heard so many moms talk about how their kids won’t nap anymore and I am OH so thankful that mine still does! He gets so crabby when he doesn’t get that nap.

When Monday rolled around, I too woke up with a lovely cold. I made it through 2 hours of work before returning home to my bed. It was a pitiful Monday for me. And I was home on Tuesday too. Theo hasn’t caught the cold yet but he has been running a slight fever and has been so extremely good about napping/sleeping that I definitely think he’s fighting something off. Hubby felt a little better Wednesday and then poorly again yesterday. Sigh. Two sick boys at home and me struggling through work with the sniffles. And this weekend is a big one too so being sick is not allowed! We’re going to visit my brother and his wife and see the new baby and I have my 10 year class reunion. Honestly, do people actually go to those things?

Alas, my crafting has been put aside for the moment. I will be starting on baby shower crafts next week though and have to make invites and mail those out for the LEGO birthday that is quickly approaching! So much to get done in so little time! And I recently snagged some awesome frames from GW for super cheap. Just need to order some prints from our wedding photos to hang around the house! Slowly but surely my home is coming together.


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