Weekend Craziness

This weekend we did the two birds one stone bit and drove 3 hours north to visit my brother and new niece. She is ADORABLE! Like seriously, babies are my favorite thing ever. So tiny and perfect and cute and cuddly and my husband had zero interest in holding her. He’s not so into babies. Though he did say when we have a baby he’ll hold it. He’d better is all I gotta say on that! Theo of course loves babies as much as I do. I got this super cute picture of him holding his new cousin.

After visiting with the baby and my brother and his family, hubby and I took off an hour south to Fort Dodge. The peewee spent the night at my brothers while we enjoyed the festivities of my 10 year high school reunion. Wow – 10 years! Honestly, I don’t feel that accomplished. The past ten years haven’t been nearly as exciting as I thought they would be when I was in high school. Yes, I went to college and got an expensive degree and yes I’m married and a mom. But my life took a very different course than I had hoped for and its been a lot more bumpy than I would prefer. All that aside, I wouldn’t change anything. I’m pretty happy right now πŸ™‚
So we spent the evening eating and drinking with my old high school friends and reminiscing about the crazy crap we did in high school. I was kind of the odd kid out in school. My parents moved us around to different schools a lot so I only went to this particular school for 2 years before graduating. My reminiscing wasn’t nearly as involved. It was still fun to see people though. We had a very small class of 57 and only about a third showed up for the reunion. Regardless, it was nice to catch up with people I haven’t seen since graduation. And who knows when I will see them again. Kind of sad the way people lose touch. You would think with all the technology available today, it would be easier to stay connected to people. I think we have the opposite problem though. All of our technology makes it easier to keep up with other people’s lives without actually having to talk to them or see them. Of course, not everyone displays the details of their everyday lives online.Β 
It was especially nice to have a night off with just the hubby. We stayed at a hotel in Dodge and got to cuddle and pretend to watch TV. Seriously, how do people watch that anymore? We live off Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Commercials are absolutely the most annoying thing ever. We shut the tv off after 20 mins. Guess we’re not missing out on much without it at home.Β 
We drove back up to my brother’s the next morning (another hour) to pick up Theo. He told me he wanted to stay at his uncles forever. I reminded him that he won’t be able to go to school if he did that. Not a very strong argument but it was the best I could do at that point. I’m trying to keep him excited about school so we don’t have a meltdown on the first day. It was another 3 hour drive back to our house on Sunday. We were all a little worn out after all the traveling. Made for an early night for the peewee. Hubby and I had to get in some SWTOR though before heading to bed.Β 
Oh, I also got Theo’s school supply list! And seriously, it’s ridiculous. What preschooler goes through 12 glue sticks in 1 semester? And seeing as I am paying about the cost of daycare in tuition, I would think the school could afford to supply hand soap, Clorox wipes, and hand sanitizer. The one thing I was really looking forward to purchasing for him was a backpack. Thought it would be a great thing for him to pick out and would help him be excited. But nope. Not allowed. The school provides bags for students. Sigh. Oh well. Maybe he’ll get excited about his new shirts I ordered that are just for school. The joys of the educational system.Β 

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