Planning Like Crazy!

Okay so I have the rest of this week to put the final touches on the baby shower. I picked up a few paper balls from my mom that we used from my cousin’s shower to hang on the ceiling. I’m using some of Theo’s storybooks for centerpieces and probably some candles. Still undecided about the diaper cake – it just looks like a lot of work and I’m not sure I have the time. And I am making cucumber sandwiches and cupcakes, which I still need to get liners and such. Luckily I have my future sister-in-law helping on all of this! I promise to do a post about the entire shower after it ends, complete with photos!

I made birthday invitations for Theo’s upcoming Lego party. I actually desperately need to mail those out ASAP! Good thing I’m only mailing out invites to the kids. Everyone else is word of mouth. I bought some b-day paraphernalia on Amazon today. I am a prime member – best decision I ever made. I mean, its amazing how much I love free 2 day shipping! And then there’s the instant video and the kindle perks. I have a love-love relationship with my prime membership. So I ordered some Lego shaped candles, candy molds, and a Lego head storage container. Not gonna lie, I am seriously stuck on what to get Theo for his birthday! I usually get him one big thing and then some smaller things. Last year, it was a bike. I’m thinking he’ll end up getting a lot of Lego’s from people so I don’t know if I want to go buy some. Plus his actual birthday is after the party so I can always get more Lego’s if I need to. Hubby wants to get him a rocket which he’ll love but that’s totally a ‘them’ gift and not a mommy gift. I’m gonna have to put some real brain power into this one.

Hubby starts classes in 2 weeks and the peewee in 3! Its coming so quickly! And we still need to go school shopping, eck! Maybe sometime this weekend, post-shower. Otherwise I’m not sure when we will find time with everything else going on. I’m still waiting on the shirt order I put in for uniforms for Theo. Hopefully those come in soon or he won’t have anything to wear to school. I only ordered 3 t-shirts to start, all dark colors. Probably increase to 5 at some point so we aren’t doing laundry mid-week every week. There is a BBQ the week before preschool starts that I think we’ll be attending. He’ll get to meet his teacher and see his classroom, all of which should make the first day a lot easier on everyone! I’m both nervous and excited. My baby boy is growing way too quickly and I’m not quite ready to send him off but I know he’s really excited about it. I can’t wait to see what he learns and to get some killer artwork for his bedroom!

We’re heading to the Iowa State Fair tomorrow so that should be a lot of fun! Hopefully everyone is doing okay – hubby has been dealing with some on and off illness lately. Seems to be better but we’ll see! Okay, bedtime for me. Gotta get my beauty sleep!


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