Iowa State Fair

Last night we took Theo to the fair – his first time! Two of my brothers also tagged along. The fair is a little crazy and crowded but always fun. We made sure to get some appropriate fair themed food – Theo and I have corndogs and hubby had a ground beef and cheese sandwich and my brother ate his all time favorite – the turkey leg. Gotta love fair food. Oh and some fresh squeezed lemonade!

After eating we hit up the giant slide. Theo and I climbed all the way to the top (quite the work out) and then slid all the way down. He had so much fun! Was begging to go again the minute we stopped moving. And here we all thought he’d get freaked out. The kid is becoming a bit of an adrenaline junky! After the slide we hit up the midway and he tried out some of the different kid friendly rides. I was actually very impressed with him. He didn’t get scared at all and behaved very well. No meltdowns, no fits, no temper tantrums. All in all, he was a very good kid!

And of course we had to go to the petting zoo. I forgot to get pictures of the animals but they were so cute! They had miniature zebras and alpacas and of course goats. My favorite though was the kangaroo! His name was George and he was so cute! Theo fed the goats and pet them for a little bit. He had such a good time. So even though I didn’t do a lot of the stuff that I normally do at the fair, we still had fun. Oh and we picked up some ice cream on the way out! Theo was pretty tired by the time we left. He climbed into bed when we got home and was out within a few minutes. I think that means it was a good day πŸ™‚

We have the baby shower on Saturday that I feel extremely under prepared for still! Good thing its gonna be a simple event. I just gotta put a diaper cake together :/ That should be fun…


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