Story Book Baby Shower

Saturday was the baby shower for my brother and his wife. I was actually up until 2am the night before making pink cupcakes! Because I was feeling rushed, I just picked up a box of strawberry cupcake mix at the store. Not my usual but everyone said they tasted good! My younger brother’s fiance helped me with everything. She made little book garland and meatballs and then picked up two trays (veggies and meat & cheese). We set up three tables with white table cloths and then 5 children’s books on each table and little pink paper balls in between the books. It looked really cute. We had a gift table at the front, where I placed my makeshift diaper cake, which I made 20 minutes before the shower started. And for a guest book we had a copy of Corduroy Bear (the mom’s favorite children’s book) for people to sign. We also passed out extra little books from the garland and had people write down parenting advice. The turnout was great and everyone had a blast. The only thing I am regretting is that I forgot to take pictures! And here I was planning to share it with everyone.. Instead I guess I’ll share where I got all my fabulous ideas!


So I did some looking around for different ideas on Pinterest (of course) and happened to come across the cutest invitation from Etsy that I just had to make! I know not everyone is up for all the extra work so follow that link if you want to purchase a copy. I looked around for a picture of the Golden Books back until I found one I liked and then used my photoshop to edit it and put in my own text. I added a little blip at the bottom about bringing a book instead of a card. My family is big into books so I thought this was a great idea – plus someone did it for my shower and I loved it!

There are so many cute ideas for doing food at a story book baby shower! Our menu was pretty simple: veggie tray, cheese & crackers, meatballs, pickle wraps, cucumber sandwiches, and cupcakes. Each food item had a story book theme! Veggie’s – Peter Rabbit; Cheese & Crackers – Strinky Cheese Man; Meatballs – Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs; Pickle Wraps – Pete & Pickles; and Cucumber Sandwiches – Very Hungry Caterpillar. The cupcakes were just pick to go with the whole “its a girl” part of the shower 🙂 The cucumber sandwich idea was one that I really loved. I came across this blog and the below picture and thought is was the cutest idea! I made mine with simple oat bread (a favorite in my house), sliced cucumber, and cream cheese with basil. They were a hit! People were coming up to me telling me how they’d never had a cucumber sandwich before and how absolutely delicious they were. I call that a success 🙂

The book garland idea came from this blog – Glam Candies. We did ours in more colors just for fun. Even though it was a baby girl shower, I like lots of color! I found several ideas for table decor but my favorites came from Glam Candies and Eat Drink Love. I ended up going a lot more simple with mine but still, really cute ideas! And I loved how they did the food labels on Eat Drink Love! Our guest book idea came from a picture I found on Pinterest that I unfortunately have not been able to find its original source!
So there you have it! A storybook themed baby shower! I had a lot of fun planning it and we all had such a great time at the shower. We had originally wanted to do some games but ended up skipping them. It was a co-ed shower and the guys aren’t always into games. But if you are interested, check out this awesome game I found on Etsy called Name That Storybook! Such a great idea! 


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