My Grocery Bill

Okay so before I got married, I was living with my mother and one of my brothers. And we spent an average of $200-300 a month on groceries. This seemed okay considering it fed 3 adults and one kid. Well now with my husband I think we’re spending almost $400 a month if not more. When we go to the store we have to purchase 2 gallons of milk and 2 loaves of bread. Oh and we’re going through butter like crazy because he has a thing for buttered toast. No matter what he’s having for breakfast, he has 2 slices of buttered toast. And then eggs. We go through a lot of eggs. And I’m barely baking anything so it definitely isn’t me!

My son is a bird when it comes to meals. He likes the basics, like cereal and mac ‘n cheese. Beyond that it is a struggle to get him to eat at meal times. Unless of course he is going through a growth spurt. Then he’ll eat everything in sight. At one point he ate 6 slices of pizza in about an hour. We were all in shock. Normally he eats one, maybe two. Must of been so good pizza! He’s just turning 5 though so I know his eating habits are going to be changing. He’ll consume more and more food as he gets older and I’ll be the mom wondering where he puts it all as he remains tall and skinny. And the hubby wants another boy. Sigh.

So living with men is apparently rough on the grocery budget. I probably should have known this after growing up with 4 brothers but I never paid for the food back then. In an effort to save money I’ve been looking into ways to make more things at home. Unfortunately, we can’t build a chicken coop in our backyard and livestock aren’t allowed in town so getting a cow is out. But I did find this great recipe for homemade bread!

It looks so simple and only takes 5 ingredients! I only have one loaf pan currently but am planning to make a run to the store and pick up a second this weekend and then I am gonna make me some homemade bread! Hopefully the boys like it enough that we can cut back on the amount of bread we buy. I have been told though that homemade bread disappears faster. I guess its a good thing that it doesn’t cost nearly as much to make a half dozen loaves as it does to buy them!
I am desperately looking for other ways to cut back in a household of bottomless men. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated!! And be ready – the Lego birthday is quickly approaching! I promise to take lots of pictures to share with everyone 😉

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