Tired & Stressed

Dear hubby started classes on Monday. He’s feeling a little overwhelmed. Three of his courses are pretty heavy and one is a cake class. As he is getting a degree in English, heavy courses means lots of reading and writing. He’s starting to feel the strain and its only the first week. Theo starts school next week on Tuesday. I am both excited for him and apprehensive. I can’t believe he’s old enough to start school! My mom has been watching him this week while I’m at work and Jonathan is at school. He actually stayed the night with Nana a couple times, which has been a blessing. With my now earlier work schedule, I feel like I haven’t been getting nearly enough sleep.

I am in full on party mode. I literally have been sitting cutting circles out for Lego-esque decorations every night this week. Last night I made marshmallow fondant for the cake while trying to finish the banner. My list of things to do doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller! Thankfully hubby doesn’t have class on Friday. He’s offered to help out by cleaning the house while I’m at work. While I’m sure there will be a few things that don’t get done (like dusting) I really appreciate his help. Especially when I know how stressed he is about school. Good thing its an extra long weekend!

We got our wedding book and some prints we ordered this week too. I absolutely love them! The photo book isn’t perfect but it was a groupon and cost us like $20 total so I’m okay with it. I just wanted a way to share our wedding photos without having to print them all and put them up all over the house. We got a large 11×14 print of our favorite photo and an 8×10 of a photo of the three of us and then we ordered an 8×10 of hubby and I with his Grandma. We’ve put that one in a frame and are giving it to her this weekend. She’s pretty special to him and she did a lot for us for our wedding so we felt this was a small way we could say thank you. So we’re hanging photos up all over the house. Told hubby that I want to go get a bookcase. Tired of having all my books in boxes still. Lots of stuff I’d like to get set up and have our house look like a home!

I bought the supplies to make the “F” wreath for our front door. Super excited to start that but it probably won’t be done before the party. Too much to get done that I will probably run out of time. But thats okay. As long as the house looks good and the decorations look good I’ll be happy. Oh, and as long as the rain holds off! It has been raining all week and I am seriously over it. Theo’s 3rd birthday ended up being indoors thanks to rain and I’d rather not deal with that nightmare again. Sigh. And then theres the dogs and what we would do with them if there was a big party inside? So I am repeating over and over, Rain Rain Go Away!!

Tonight we have a BBQ at Theo’s school, meet your teacher night. I’m looking forward to it but at the same time annoyed that its taking away from my party planning time. I think it’ll be fun though and Theo will enjoy seeing his school for the first time and meeting his new teacher. We also get to go drop off all of his school supplies! That I still have to label… whoops! Better do that before we head there tonight… better make a note in my phone so I don’t forget! I’ll try and get some pictures to share πŸ™‚


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