Random Musings

So this weekend was crazy. We had Theo’s birthday party and a house overflowing with people. Honestly our basement is way too small to host a party. Going to have to figure something else out next year. And dear hubby’s grandparents all came down so we went out to dinner with them after the party. I ran errands all day Sunday. Monday was somewhat relaxing, minus all the housework I did. Managed to better organize our closet, though I need to get some small tubs and such. Tuesday was Theo’s first day of preschool! That was an early morning for him. After dropping him off (he was so excited!) I went and finally got my new DL with my married name. Almost done make all the changes! Just need to contact the banks and such. Then I ran errands with my mom all day until I had to go pick Theo up from school. And we had bible study last night so it was a late night for everyone. Poor peewee was worn out. Getting up this morning was tough for him. Heck, for all of us!

So I need to do a post on the party. I took some pictures of everything I made/did but unfortunately my computer refuses to recognize my phone so I can’t transfer pictures. Yes, I realize my phone is a poor excuse for a camera but my digital stopped holding a charge and I think my phone is better anyway. I really need a new camera. I think I’ll put it on my birthday/christmas/anniversary list.. hubby can use all the ideas I can give him! So once I get all that figured out I promise to post the photos and details about the party! Oh and I have some cute first date of school photos too!!

Okay now seriously I think I have a prime obsession. As a proud kindle owner, I recently started taking full advantage of the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, offered to Amazon Prime members. I love it. I get access to thousands of books for free and its great. I could probably spend days just reading and be perfectly content. I have developed a small complaint though about some books. Have you ever noticed that in a love story, the couple gets married and then it ends? Like seriously, that’s so disappointing! Maybe its because my life has now moved past the “getting married” stage and so now I am fantasizing about everything that comes after the I do’s. And I read these incredibly love stories and can’t help but want to know more about their lives. If I had it my way, books would never end. I hate getting stuck on a new series just to have the author stop writing.

I’m not sure what I would do if I was a professional writer/author. As much as I dream of someday becoming that, I can imagine its hard to end a book when your imagination is running wild with your characters lives. I do wonder how they decide where the end should happen when its all played out in their minds. Maybe not everyone thinks that far ahead for their characters. I’ve always believed though that characters write their own stories. A writer is simply the instrument they use to share their tales with the world. And maybe someday I can be one of those writers. For now, I’m good with busy mother and wife!!


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