First Day of Preschool!

Theo started preschool this year – aka KinderPrep at his school. He was super pumped to go after we attended the Open House the week prior. We got to meet his three teachers and see his classroom. He has his very own cubby with his name where we stashed his super awesome Star Wars beach towel that he uses for nap time. And they handed out green totes for all the kids that they are using instead of backpacks. The Kindergartener’s and the KinderPrep kids all have these totes so it works. I made sure to get that iconic first day of school picture and then edited it with my photoshop to include all the great info that I want to remember about Theo!

I didn’t realize until after the fact that the pictures were all a little blurry. Bummer. But I still love it. I had to make him laugh to get a NORMAL smile outta the kid! He’s so goofy with his smiles lately. You’ll notice his totally awesome uniform – he’s going to the local Christian school. Hubby and I had a hard time deciding on a preschool. Because of my work schedule and his school schedule, it needed to be all day M-F. Not a lot of preschools offer that. We also didn’t know where we were going to be living when we were making the decision. I’m not a huge fan of some of the public schools in the area. They get really bad ratings and I’ve heard some stories. But I love the school we picked. The class sizes are really small so there is a lot of interaction between teachers and students. And its Christian based, a huge plus in our book!

We gave Theo a spiderman lunch box for his birthday that he takes with him everyday. I love packing his lunches. I like to make them fun and different. He of course would be find with PB&J everyday but seriously, thats boring! Today he took a mini wheat bagel with cream cheese and slices apples, cottage cheese, and cheese crackers with PB. I used to include additional stuff but he is a small eater and I hate wasting food. I also include water, occasionally juice. The teachers warn against juice and milk because they fill the kids up fast and then the food doesn’t get eaten. Lucky for me, Theo LOVES water. He’s well hydrated πŸ˜‰

So far he seems to be loving school. Its hard to get a lot out of him about what he does all day but the teacher’s are good at filling us in if there are any problems. Theo doesn’t like to be quiet during quiet time so he’s gotten in trouble a couple times but I think he’s getting better. Honestly, I don’t know how he isn’t passing out when he gets the chance. Poor kid went from 2 hour naps daily to like 30 mins of quiet time. And now his bedtime is an hour early to compensate. It will be interesting to see how much he changes this year! I’ll have to remember to take another picture at the end of the school year for comparison. He’ll probably grow a foot by then, the weed that he is!


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