Lego Birthday Party

Okay finally gonna post about Theo’s 4th birthday! I swear its not my fault – I still can’t seem to get my laptop to recognize my phone so I can transfer pictures but I found a way to get them loaded to share with everyone!

So first I made these adorable invitations. I found the picture from this great post by Delia Creates. She has some really great Lego party idea’s! I used my photoshop to add the text and then printed these out and glued them to colored construction paper. I added circles to the back of the construction paper to give them the “Lego” feel! I think they turned out pretty great 🙂
Then I made the pinata! I took a giant cereal box from Costco and cut it apart. I then put it back together inside out with tape – this way I didn’t have to worry about the picture showing through. I covered it in blue tissue paper. I punched holes in the sides and ran some twine through so it could be hung. I then stuck circles on the front using foam tape so they stood out a little. Honestly, it didn’t fall apart as easily as I had hoped but the kids had a blast hitting it! This is a picture after it was destroyed – I forgot to take one of the finished product!
I also created this sign for the front yard. I covered a large fan box that I had saved with blue wrapping paper and think did the same thing with the foam tape and blue circles for the Lego look. I added a simple sign that I wrote myself – not very fancy but it got the point across. We just sat this by the tree in our yard to direct people where to go. Now its sitting in Theo’s room – he’s collecting all the signs from his birthdays.
Theo helped me make these super awesome Lego crayons! We bought some lego molds on Amazon and I used the Lego man shaped one to make some candies for the cake and then we made crayons. I followed some basic instructions that I found on Delia Create’s website where I found the picture for the invitations. She mentioned soaking crayons to get the labels off but we didn’t really have a need for that. I used crayons leftover from the wedding. Theo wanted them to be multicolored so we broke them up and mixed the colors in each shape. We baked them in the over for about 15 minutes at 250 degrees. I think they could have come out sooner though. I popped them in the freezer to solidify faster. I didn’t have any issues with the molds getting stained but I cannot get the wax out of them no matter how hard I try.
My favorite decor item was probably this banner. It took me forever to finish but I love it. I cut pieces of construction paper for each letter and then cute six circles for each piece. I printed the letters out and cut them out of cardstock. The circles were the hardest to cut as I used the basic scissors and no fancy cutting equipment. But I love it all the same. Its actually still handing in the basement even though its been 2 weeks since his birthday. The idea for this came from Laurel Lane Crafts.
And just a quick note about the “food” table. I saw this super cute idea on Pinterest to use a Lego storage container for food. I put popcorn in mine and now Theo has it for Lego storage! And below that is a picture of the cake. I made a rice crispie cake and then used marshmallow fondant that I attempted to make blue (I swear, pastels are all I can ever get!). I even cut circles out of the fondant to incorporate the theme! I put my yellow Lego men candies on the cake and these awesome Lego shaped candles I bought on Amazon. We stuck with prime colors for plates, napkins, and cups. Honestly the easiest color palate I’ve had for a party so far. I served cubed watermelon and strawberry lemonade as well.
Theo had an awesome time – just like his awesome Lego Movie shirt says! (This is his smile currently – he’s so goofy) And the other boys seemed to enjoy themselves as well. He got tons of new Lego’s and a brand new bike! There were a lot more decor things I had wanted to do but it took me so long to get the banner done that I decided to just let it go this year. But I’m already working on planning for next year! I’m thinking pirates 😉

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