Organizing and Reminiscing

We finally got a bookshelf set up in the office. This has been on my to do list for months. Previously I had a 3 shelf bookcase that I bought while in college and have used every since. Well I decided to pass it on to Theo and it now sits in his bedroom with his books in it. Without that my books have remained in boxes since we moved. And hubby’s have been in stacks all over the office. It got a little worse when he started school as he had to order a ridiculous amount of books for class on top of what he already owns. We’d been searching for a while for something. We wanted to get a nice bookshelf that would last a while but we didn’t want to pay hundreds for it. Even talked to my dad at one point about building something. In the end though we caved and bought a cheap assembly required bookshelf from Walmart for $30. Our new attitude is that we’ll make do with this until we can afford to have nice things.

I unpacked my books last night and threw a few more boxes into the recycle pile. It’s a great feeling to empty more boxes. Eventually, they will all be gone. In the process of getting my books in order on the new shelf I came across one of my many journals. My parents gave me my first journal when I was 9 years old. I have been writing ever since. This particular one was from high school. And seriously, wow. I really was a ridiculous girl in high school. Reading over those entries (ugh terrible handwriting) was a little crazy. I barely remember that girl anymore. I wish someone would have come up to me and said “Hey! Just enjoy your life! Soon enough you’ll be an adult and all of this will change.” But alas, we all suffer through those pre-adult years, trying to get a handle on what it means to grow up and dealing with all the emotions and hormones of being a teenager.

I’m hoping that somehow I can help my own children to get through all of that confusion and teenage angst with less heartbreak than I had. How does anyone learn to just let go and live? I was always in such a hurry to grow up and get to the next part of my life that I never really enjoyed the part I was in at that moment. And now I’m trying to stop time so my little boy stays little forever! I want him to live a full life and enjoy every day, every moment. I don’t want him to feel like there is something better waiting down the road. Maybe someday I will be able to sit him down and explain how much being an adult sucks. Responsibility, working, bills… it ain’t fun! That eventually he’ll get to experience all the joys of growing up and getting married and being a parent but until then he should enjoy where he is at. Live like there’s no tomorrow.

On that same note, I want to do more with my kid! I created two date night jars last year, one for the hubby and I and the other for Theo and I. We recently reinstated a mommy and Theo date night on Thursdays. I took him out for his birthday and we got ice cream. It wasn’t anything super exciting but he loved it because it was something we got to do together. We tried to get him new sunglasses but that didn’t work out. I’m going to update his jar as he gets older with age appropriate activities. Maybe tomorrow we’ll go to the park and test out the awesome new bike he got for his birthday.


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