Jute Letter Wreath

I came across this awesome idea via Pinterest of course. (Honestly, its the best place for ideas and inspiration). First, there’s an option on Etsy by EmbellishedLiving that is really very pretty. And then there is this blog tutorial for a DIY from Two Twenty One. So I decided this would be a simple DIY for me to make. I picked up a wooden letter instead of the paper mache letter that was recommended. Our last name starts with an F and well the paper mache F is really boring looking.

So I got this slightly fancier one instead:

Of course this made wrapping the jute a little more complicated. I was super frustrated for awhile and just about gave up on the entire idea. And then I came across this picture on Pinterest of a jute wrapped F for sale on Etsy from compulsivecollection. I used this picture as a guide as it was pretty similar to the F I was using. Wrapping the jute took me a couple hours and I had to start over a few times. Thankfully, hot glue peels off if needed.

Last night I got out my felt and ribbon and made the little felt rosettes and glued them with the ribbon onto my F. The original DIY had light grey rosettes, which I thought looked great, but I couldn’t find light grey. I went with this ‘smoke’ colored felt for now. I can easily peel them off and put different colors on if I choose. Also, I put glue inside my bow so it won’t pull apart. Wanted to make sure it stayed! I think it turned out pretty good!

I then attacked some additional ribbon to the top and hung it on my front door! As I don’t have a wreath hanger, I used a Command hanger instead. Works just the same. Only complaint I have is that I didn’t realize how much it would blend in with our front door! Oh well. Still was an easy project and turned out pretty cute.

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