Tan, Brown, White…

Everything in my house seems to blend. Especially in our living room. We have tan carpet, tan walls, tan vertical blinds (yuck), and tan couches. And brown accent furniture. We have put up limited decor in the living room so there isn’t a lot breaking up all the tan and brown. I was telling hubby last night that I want to put curtains up over the vertical blinds. He apparently likes the blinds and doesn’t want curtains. Sigh. I also want to do this:

Sorry, I don’t know the original source. It popped up on my Pinterest and leads to nowhere. But I LOVE the idea! Right now, we have a flat screen on a silver entertainment stand. Its very blah looking and makes me think of my college days. I’d love to hang the TV (there is already a spot to do this from the previous occupant) and put up this shelving! Because we’re renting, hubby isn’t keen on the shelving. He doesn’t want to put a bunch of holes in the walls. I reminded him that we’ve already hung shelves in Theo’s room and I plan to put more up around the house. We don’t have a mantle or anything and this would be great for putting additional decor up in the living room. And help break up all the tan walls. I’m going to keep on this one. We’ll see what happens!

In the meantime, have to do something about all the tan! I bought red throw pillows but they don’t do much. Maybe I need to make some wall art, not that there is a lot of wall space. Our living room is on the smaller side. We have some throw blankets, but guess what? They’re also tan and brown! Seriously, it never ends. If we weren’t renting, there are so many things I’d change. And even though we’ve been given permission to paint, I’m not ready for that project. Any and all ideas are welcome – I am stumped on what to do.


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