Lazy Saturday

Some days I roll outta bed and want to do nothing. I’m sure everyone has these days. Today is one of those. I’m supposed to go run errands. We need the basics – bread, milk, cereal.. but I don’t want to go anywhere. I’m cold (its like 40 outside) and tired and have a headache and really I just wanna be lazy! Theo is gone for the weekend and hubby has two papers to write and I kind of just want to veg on Netflix and read my kindle and do nothing.

I also want to clean. Its a tough decision. One of our three dogs sheds like crazy. So I wanna bust out the vacuum and clean like crazy. But that involves getting up and moving around the house and seriously, who has time for that? Lol – I probably do! But I don’t wanna move! Sigh. Rough life I know. I could also tackle some laundry and mop floors and make my bed (yes I am the epidemy of laziness right now) and finish putting away summer clothes and pulling out the fall/winter stuff. There is a lot I could be accomplishing. I mean, the house is kid free and quiet and I have all this time!

The one thing I miss though is my me time. As a mother and wife who also works full time, I don’t get a lot of me time. It seems like I spend pretty much every minute doing something for someone else – whether its my boss, my hubby, or my son. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I love spending time with my kiddo and the hubby and my job is great. But every so often I just wanna sit down and do whatever I want and not be judge for being lazy. Not have anyone asking me when I’m gonna go do that or finish this or get started with whatever.

So today – I’m being lazy! And I don’t care. Except the dog hair is driving me crazy…


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