Love, Respect, and Another Cold

This past weekend was a busy one at our house. Hubby and I attended the Love & Respect conference at our church. We both really enjoyed it. I’ve developed this idea that when it comes to marriage, its better to be prepared ahead of time than to try and fix something after it starts breaking. We’ve only been married for a short while and we don’t really have any big marital issues. Sure, we have our disagreements and we’re still figuring out the whole living together part. For the most part though, we’re happy newlyweds. So when we go to these kinds of things, its as more of a preparation than looking for help fixing a problem. Just to be clear, I don’t expect us to have big problems in the future. As long as we continue to be open and honest with each other and keep our marriage focused on God, I believe we’ll be happily married for a long time. That being said, we are two very different people (male & female for starters) who are bound to bump heads from time to time just because we think differently, feel differently, and have different opinions. Knowing how to best handle those conflicts without causing bigger rifts is how we hope to avoid turning a small disagreement into a bigger marital issue.

The Love & Respect conference is one that has been going on for a few years from what I understand. It is presented by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs and his wife Sarah. I loved everything about it! Dr. Eggerichs does a great job presenting the information – great public speaker. It’s all biblically based. And it just made sense! I really loved when Sarah got on stage and was able to take the same principles that they were applying to marriage and show how they also applied to other relationships – like with your children! Very interesting! You can find more information about the conference here: 

In other news, everyone in our house is sick. Again. Theo came home from school with yet another cold. I’ve been doing my best trying to avoid getting sick. No kisses at bedtime (heartbreaking) and making sure we keep our hands washed. But when Hubby also got sick, it all went downhill. My poor boys were miserable on Friday. Sunday morning, I woke up with a terrible sore throat. Which I still have today. Lots of drainage. Oh, and the best part? Every cold medicine in our house is for congestion. Sigh. Being sick really sucks. Theo seems to be doing better though. Hubby and I are pretty miserable today. I’m thinking about doing some massive house cleaning during the week. Wash bedding, get out the disinfecting wipes and wipe down everything. Hopefully we can kick this before next weekend as we have plans Friday night to catch Josh Blue at the local comedy club. I’m a VIP member so I get free tickets a lot. And the membership was free. Win-win!


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