Cold Weather Setting In

Living in the midwest, we get used to seeing all four seasons. But that doesn’t mean we like all of them. For example, last week the highs were in the 70’s. This past weekend we had the windows open, airing out our house. It was beautiful fall weather. This week, everything is going down hill. They’re even saying (pause for dramatic effect) FROST by Thursday! I am not ready for cold weather! I just want to enjoy the nice warm sunny fall days a little longer. Possibly until March. There has only ever been one day a year that I care about snow. And thats in mid December. It’s October. I’m not ready.

I will admit though that there are a few things that I do enjoy greatly about cooler weather. First, I LOVE my sweaters! And I just bought a 2 new adorable sweaters that I can’t wait to wear! This may have something to do in a large part to my struggle with losing baby weight from 5 years ago but I prefer putting layers on than taking them off. A warm sweater, skinny jeans, and boots is my absolute favorite fall/winter outfit. I also very much love fall foods. I often feel like there is less variety when it comes to cooking in the summer. I hate turning on the oven, which leaves me with cold food or grilling outside. But now I get to bust out my crockpot and make soups, stews, and chili! I made a delicious beef stew this weekend. Yum. And oh so easy. Just throw everything in a crockpot and walk away! Its amazing. I’m actually eating some right now while writing this. Leftover stew is just as amazing as first day stew. Though this recipe will need some slight tweaking, its still good.

Cold weather activities are fun too. I like to ice skate (which always involves falling) and cutting out snowflakes and baking holiday cookies. I would add building snowmen but I honestly have never enjoyed that. They never come out right and my hands are always soaked and frozen by the time I give up. My kid though, he’s into it. I have an entire week off in December with him home and so many fun ideas for things we can do! Most of which will probably take place indoors. He loves playing in the snow though. Its a kid thing. They don’t seem to notice the burn on their cheeks or the runny noses or the frozen fingers and toes. Thats why I bribe mine with hot chocolate and cookies to come inside πŸ˜‰ (Another favorite of mine!)

Okay, okay… so I do like a lot about winter. I just hate being cold!


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