It’s November!

Can you believe that this year is almost over?! So crazy. It feels like time is flying right by at this point. The leaves have all changed color and most are now in my yard instead of on the tree. We’ve had our first official frost and they’re saying possible snow this week! Our families are calling to make plans for the upcoming holiday. This is possibly one of the busiest times of the year, so busy in fact that I have falling behind on keeping my blog updated. So let’s see, what has been happening..

Well, we took Theo trick or treating for the first time on the 30th. He was Ironman. Sort of. I turned a t-shirt of his into a DIY costume. And of course he thought it was the coolest thing ever. Boys, so easy to please. I had purchased a little mask for a few bucks weeks ago for him to play with – it came in handy. And I attached some glow sticks to his shirt and hands. He was thrilled. I only wish he’d had a pair of red pants but oh well. He still had a blast. Hubby took him around the neighborhood while I stayed home and handed out candy. I would have prefered it the other way but I wasn’t feeling good.


Last week we had his first parent teacher conferences. We were 10 minutes late because we got stuck behind a train. I swear, that train hates me. I am constantly sitting and waiting for it. Anyway, his teacher loves having him in class. All in all, it was a good report. He’s on par with where he needs to be. Oh and apparently he’s doing really great at learning their bible verses! Memorization: not a skill he got from his mom.


And I have started a new hobby: knitting! Seriously, so much easier than I thought it would be to learn and I’m having a blast. I sat and knit a few rows then pulled them out and started over a few times just to get it down. Right now I am making a scarf for Theo. I found this great pattern for making a kid sized scarf with a loop on one end. I let Theo pick out the yarn and started working on it this weekend. I’ve had to pull it apart a few times because I keep knitting too tightly. That is probably the trickiest part but I’m getting the hang of it! I think this scarf is a perfect first project. Its a beginner level and Theo won’t notice if it isn’t perfect 😉 Hubby said he wouldn’t mind a new scarf too so that will be my next project. I created a new pinterest board just for knitting ideas. Honestly, so excited about this new hobby of mine. One day I will be one of those amazing grandma’s (a long long time from now) who makes fabulous baby blankets and little hats and booties! It’ll be sweet.


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