First snow of the year

So this past weekend it snowed. Like really snowed. This is crazy! Thanksgiving is still a week away and there is snow all over the place! The roads around my house are pretty icy too. Have to carefully back out of the drive or I’ll slide all over the road. And I still haven’t bought snow boots for Theo. He went through 2 shoe sizes this fall so we definitely need new boots. I of course have been wearing the same pair of Uggs for 6 years. Cuz I’m cool like that. And they were the best pair of free boots I ever got.

In light of the weather, I decided to stay in and craft this weekend! I made this super cute message board, idea via LulaBelle. I of course found this clever idea on pinterest, where I find so many things. And we have a small collection of frames that I picked up second hand when we first moved into the new house. Frames are so over-priced! Definitely worth it to go second hand and used. Most are in great condition and some I plan to paint to improve their look. Anyway, so I pulled out the perfect frame and grabbed some of my scrapbook paper (I have quite the collection of that as well) and made my own version of her love message board. I did mine vertical, because of where it was going to be hanging. And instead of the rosettes, I used some burlap ribbon. I think its pretty cute and hubby is actually making use of it!


In other news, we are down to 2 dogs. We found a new home for my dog this past weekend. A nice couple with an 8 year old son. They were pretty excited about it so I tried not to cry. Too much. It was a little heartbreaking to drive away from him though, after having him for 5 years. But its for the best. The other two have some prospects so we may be a dog-less home before the holidays. Crazy. And then I’m gonna do some serious house cleaning. Completely rid the house of dog hair. Maybe we’ll get some fish. Theo asked me about Reese, my dog, and why he had to go to a new home. It is hard explaining things to a 5 year old sometimes. But luckily he’s young enough that it won’t be a huge thing to him. Hubby though, he’s taking it hard. He loves his dog a lot. I’m just trying to be supportive and understanding because I can see that its difficult for him to rehome his dog. Someday, when our lives are more settled, we might get another dog. But not 3. Thats just too many.

Baby Theo and Reese

One thought on “First snow of the year

  1. Love the vertical idea! And the burlap was an excellent way to go!! Thanks for sharing! I hope you and your hubby share many thankful moments with each other! πŸ™‚


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