Just a quick update…

Life gets hectic this time of the year. And with that I get absentminded and forget to update my blog! Truth be told, there hasn’t been much going on. We received two notices from Theo’s school. The first was about exposure to strep and the second was pink eye. Luckily, we didn’t catch either. He did however have a double ear infection and was on antibiotics for 10 days. I’m hoping we can stay healthy through the end of the year as mommy doesn’t have a lot of sick time at work :/

Thanksgiving was quiet. Theo was gone, spent the holiday with his Dad. So it was just hubby and I. We lazed about the house most of the morning. Headed to his mother’s for dinner around 3:30pm. Friday we actually went shopping. For a new bed. At like 11am. I kind of hate our memory foam mattress so it’s going. Our new bed should be arriving tomorrow! I cannot wait. Then we took a nice long nap and got up around 4:30 and went to my dads for pizza and a game of Apples-to-Apples with my siblings. Seriously, my favorite game ever. And the pizza was good too. Saturday was a nothing day and Sunday we spent about 6hrs in the car and a good chunk of the afternoon at hubby’s grandmother’s home. The kids always seem to have more fun than the adults but it was a good day. Too much driving but we survived.

Finalized all of our upcoming Christmas plans. Thats gonna be a busy one too! Like 3 days solid of family get togethers. And at some point, I’ll get some sleep in. Maybe. I still haven’t started decorating. My house is a disaster area. Thinking I might enlist the 5 year old in some cleaning today. We’re putting the tree up this week so its a good idea to bust out the vacuum and get the dog hair cleaned up! And rearrange the living room. I have a small shopping list of decor items I want to purchase but we’re going very cheap this year. Borrowing and picking up 2nd hand as much as we can. Maybe next year we’ll do more. Probably not. As long as hubby is in school we’re gonna be poor church mice. But thats okay. We make it work 🙂


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