Its that time of year

It’s flu season. I have never really cared much one way or the other about flu season. Except this year it seems like everyone around me is dropping like flies and I am praying that it doesn’t hit my house. After Thanksgiving Theo was sick with a high fever, runny nose, and cough. We were told it was just a virus. Could have been the flu. He so graciously passed that on to me. Its been a week and half and I still have a cough. Hubby got a small taste of it but seems to have survived the worst. So its possible that we’ve already had the flu in our house and just didn’t realize it. Which is making me hopefully that we won’t see it again. I would hate to be sick next week. I have all of next week off and so many plans to do special things with my boys! Being sick is not included. Lots of prayers that we’re all nice and healthy!

In other news, we got our Christmas tree up and the house is all nice and decorated! Hubby had some help from his dad putting lights on the house. We ran a little short but oh well. They’re LED’s and I’m not overly fond of the super bright white color but it’ll do for now. Hubby thinks its boring to only do one color. I encouraged him to go get more lights and put them up. He changed his tune. Theo and I decorated the tree. We were so blessed with trees this year! A lady I work with gave me a tree they had in their basement and my mom also gave me her tree. Her’s already had lights on it so thats what we went with! Theo and I spent a couple hours hanging a bunch of decorations. I Think it looks pretty good. We’ve had two strands of lights go out but not gonna worry about it this year.


And I finally got Theo’s new scarf finished! It looks great! He was super pumped. I found the idea and instructions on this blog called Little Red Window. I just loved the idea because its perfect for a little kid. I always want to put a scarf on Theo when he goes out in the cold and he absolutely hates the bulk. But this one is a lot less bulky and he loves that I made it special for him. I let him pick out the yarn. It’s a changing color one so that was fun. And I had enough of a tail at the end that I used that to whip stitch the loop. I really think it turned out well. Next, I’ll try a hat! Or maybe some gloves. The possibilities are endless!


I told Theo we would make Christmas cookies today after he gets done with school. I of course forget to mix up the sugar cookie dough last night. So we’ll be making some other sort of cookies today! Time to scour my Pinterest boards for some ideas! Maybe I’ll give him a couple options and let him pick. The kid loves to help me in the kitchen 🙂


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