The Holidays and Our Surprise!

Okay so I have been a little behind lately with keeping the blog updated. It has been a hectic month! But I just couldn’t not have a post about our crazy, busy holiday’s! We had four holiday events going on – not counting our own Christmas at home! First there was Christmas Eve dinner at my aunt’s home. Lots of great food to share with family! And per traditional, played games for prizes. Technically one game that took most the evening but who’s counting. Then Christmas day we did presents at home. I made a delicious cinnamon butter braid, compliments of Theo’s school fundraiser. We also had some fresh fruit and chocolate milk. Theo was pretty thrilled. And then he opened gifts and was more thrilled. Then it was off to hubby’s dad’s and then his mom’s for more gifts and food. I think Theo got a little overly spoiled this year. I may have to request a cut back for next year! Friday evening we went to my dad’s for dinner with my siblings. And Saturday we drove up north to hubby’s grandmother’s for more gifts and food! I think I ate too much…

I decided to save money by doing DIY presents. This sounded like a great idea at first but in practice was a lot more work than I thought. So I only did a few DIY’s and we ended up shopping for other things. I made a really cute monogram collage for hubby’s sister’s family. My first mod podge project. Definitely a learning process! And of course I failed at taking pictures but here is a picture of my original inspiration from A Little Moore:

The one rule of thumb that I didn’t follow was that you definitely need to print picture with a laser jet printer. Otherwise the bleed. I had to redo a few pictures because of the colors being off. But that was the only real issue I had. I made super cute coasters for Hubby’s mom of the grandkids. His sister has two little boys and we have Theo. Once again, I failed to take any pictures! But I found the idea at PopSugar and it was so easy and affordable that I decided it was perfect! I bought the tiles at Home Depot for less than $30 a piece! The one thing I didn’t get was the sealant. This is crucial I discovered later. Oh well, live and learn. I made four tiles altogether and we put them in order by age, Theo being first as he is the oldest grandchild. I think she was a little confused when she got to the last one, as there are only 3 grandkids. But it was perfect.


We’re pregnant!!

I loved sharing our exciting news with everyone during the holiday’s! And everyone was super excited for us! Theo is of course thrilled. His immediate response to the news was “I’m going to have a baby sister?!” From his mouth to God’s ears! We waited until New Year’s Eve to inform the general public. I put this cute little photo up on Instagram and Facebook with the title “No champagne for me this year!”, which got a overwhelming response according to hubby!


Our new addition is due in July and we are so excited! I might be more excited to get past this current phase of constant nausea. I learned last week that yogurt is not my friend. My OB tells me I should eat more carbs. Yay. So much for all my healthy eating! For now anyway. I will be 12 weeks on Thursday so hopefully the nausea will start to subside! We can’t wait to find out what we’re having but that won’t be until March. And I’m looking at possibly doing a little gender reveal with our family and close friends. We’ll see if I have the patience to wait! Will probably have to plan it for the very next day or something.. as soon as the baker can get the cake together! There are a lot of things going on right now that I can’t wait to update everyone on – from my baby brother’s upcoming wedding (no clue what I’ll be wearing!) to Theo’s new bed getting set up! But I need to take more pictures! Promise to update after the bridal shower this weekend with lots of pictures! It’s going to be awesome 🙂


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