Homemade Valentines

So this was my son’s first year taking Valentines cards to school. They had their party on the Friday before V-Day and me being the crazy person I am decided the best idea would be to make homemade cards for him! I really didn’t want to send candy, figuring there would be plenty of that already. So I did some searching on Pinterest of course and came across this cute idea from Zakka Life that was perfect for my future astronaut! They’re called Out of this World Valentines – too cute right? I ended up making all 20 of them the night before he had to take them to school. Yes, I am ashamed to say I procrastinated to an extreme level that week. But he loved them. The hardest part was finding the right size bouncy balls. I ended up buying a huge set of various sizes at Party City. Probably going to use leftovers in the favor bags at this years birthday party.


In addition to the cards, each student had to bring a decorated box to collect their valentines in. Since I was already doing a space theme with the cards, I followed it through on the box. Just grabbed some colors construction paper and cut out ‘planets’ and ta da! He also loved the box.


I ended up doing something different for his teachers. I found these cute printables from Club Chica Circle and bought some nice quality chocolate bars to wrap. The quote is adorable and I figured they deserved the chocolate!


Simple, cute Valentines. Next year, I may just buy something at the store.


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