Winter Bridal Shower

Last month I threw a bridal shower for my soon to be sister-in-law. The wedding is less than 3 weeks away and we are all so excited! As it was going to be in January, I picked a winter white theme for the wedding. And since I am also pregnant and exhausted, my mother helped with some of the decor and food. I found these super cute invitations on Etsy by PerfectPearDesigns that were just what I wanted! I did a little DIY though and took out the black snowflakes. I Love photoshop.


For decor, everything was white and silver. We have the tables arranged in a giant X in the middle of the floor and covered them with white tablecloths. On the tables we arranged vases with tree branches that had been painted white, the surrounded the vases with white paper we got in the meat department at the grocery store (so cheap!) and white Styrofoam balls and white and silver Christmas ornaments. We hung snowflakes off the branches as well. And then added candles. I think the tables looked really nice.20150118_135316

My mother went above and beyond and made tons of large paper snowflakes that we hung above the food bar. I didn’t get a great picture of those but this should give you an idea (all the tutorials were found of Pinterest!)


For the guest book table, we had a similar display as the main tables and I created a date night jar for guests to sign. Each person signed a stick and wrote down a date night idea for the couple. The bride to be took the sticks and jar home with here at the end! She actually ended up taking them to another shower she had to get more date night ideas.


For food, I also wanted to stick to the white theme. I made white chicken chili, which everyone loved, and my mom made up a white cheese “snowman” with crackers. We had white chocolate covered red velvet truffles and snowflake cookies on the dessert tray. And my favorite – a hot cocoa bar. No not white, but delicious and perfect for a winter shower! I also set up some cucumber water for those not into hot cocoa.


We played a couple fun games. I did the newly wed game, which went extremely well. My brother and his soon to be wife know each other fairly well! And then we played a wedding movie match game I found on Fyne’s Designs which was a big hit! I kept all the cards just incase anyone ever throws a shower and wants to play that game again.

All in all, I think it was a successful bridal shower. And the bride was very happy. Which is the entire point, right?


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