Long Over Due Update!

Oh wow, it has been awhile! Seriously did not mean to stop the blog – this pregnancy has really taken a toll on me! I figured I’d get on here and do an update before having a newborn at home has a similar effect πŸ˜‰ So yes, we’re still pregnant! Due date is next week!! I’m kind of hoping this little one will pop out before Monday though. I’m just so tired and sore and swollen and yea it’s time to be done!

38 weeks!!
Taken last week at 38 weeks

Oh and yes, its a girl πŸ™‚ We’re over the moon excited! She is currently nameless – hubby and I can’t agree on a name currently. We’ve chosen a few different times and then one of us changes their mind. Usually me lol. We hope to have it figured out before leaving the hospital!Β Theo is also over the moon. We got the crib and changing table set up in his room and he loves that his baby sister will share a room with him. Of course the co-sleeper is in our room and that’s where she’ll sleep for the first few months or so. Don’t need two kids not sleeping through the night! Also praying she’s as good of a sleeper as her big brother was when he was a baby!

Our totally awesome stroller!
Our totally awesome stroller!

My biggest accomplishment has been convincing hubby to cloth diaper! So far I’ve purchased about 27 diapers – and I’m so not opposed to getting more. We do have a few disposables that we plan to use up but then we’re making the official switch! All the diapers I’ve bought are 2nd hand and need to be stripped and prepped but I’m waiting until I’m sure I have everything before I do that. Want to get them all done at the same time! And I’m desperately in need of more inserts. I received a large amount of microfiber and have a few bamboo and a few hemp. Would love to get more hemp and maybe some charcoal bamboo. I’m been doing a LOT of reading and researching on this site called Fluff Love University. They have tons of great info and tips and tricks. Their Facebook group is also super helpful! Seriously excited about this!! I had wanted to cloth diaper with Theo but just could not afford the initial investment cost. And I got diapers given to me by so many people that I spent a lot less than people do on average. The cost savings were the biggest part of convincing my husband. Since we plan to have at least one more baby after this, we should get plenty of use out of the diapers! And they resell fairly well as long as they’re kept up. And of course if we change our minds, I can just re-post them on eBay and be done. But I’m excited to try it out! I have a little money still from one of the baby showers that I’ve been saving to buy some diapers. I’d like to own a few that are brand new but haven’t been able to decide what to get! There are so many and they’re all so cute!!

So we’re currently in a holding pattern. Every morning I drop Theo off at daycare and hubby and I head to work. And we just wait. I’m pretty excited to meet this little girl – if she ever decides to come out! And I am very much ready to leave all these wonderful pregnancy symptoms behind. I’ve had the worst acid re-flux this week alone. Had to run out and get some pepcid last night as the tums just weren’t cutting it anymore. Pretty sure my throat is going to be permanently damaged from this. We’ve got our hospital bags packed, arrangements made for Theo, and have laid out our wishes to our families. Everything is ready! Now how to convey that to the baby…


One thought on “Long Over Due Update!

  1. Best wishes on your upcoming birth! We have been cloth diapering for almost 2 years now (come on potty training!). We struggled to keep it up once or daughter transitioned to solids–the poop is so much messier. But we doing a good washing routine to deal with it. You just have to find what works for you. One thing that kept us motivated was keeping a tally of cloth diapers used on a dry erase board in her room (not kidding). We’re now at 3500 diapers. Full disclosure: I went straight back to disposables if she had any diarrhea. Good luck on all your adventures! Hope you stop by my blog sometime! http://becominmotherblog.WordPress.com

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