Our Beautiful Baby Girl

Saturday evening I started having contractions. They were sporadic at best but fairly intense. We were scheduled for an induction on Monday but I was hoping to go naturally before then. Guess my prayers were being answered! We headed to the hospital around 8am on Sunday morning. It took awhile for the doctor and nurses to decide to admit me – I was stuck at only 3cm and not progressing but the contractions were no more than 4-5 mins apart and very intense so they knew I was in labor. Once things started moving though it all happened quickly and our baby girl was born at 3:51pm on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We named her Adeline.


She weighs 7lbs 11oz (exactly 3 pounds more than her big brother) and was 20 1/2 inches long (2 inches longer than Theo). Labor was easy – thanks to the epidural. I went in not sure if I’d need one but once they broke my water I couldn’t stand the contractions any longer.


Hubby was there the whole time and did a great job of being supportive. He tried not to eat in front of me and I don’t remember yelling at him once. Pretty successful labor partner 😉 He even remembered to help me with breathing and would rub my lower back when I was having contractions.


Theo was so excited to meet his new baby sister. He wanted to hold and hug her and kiss her. He just adores having her. I know that might change in a few years when she starts crawling and getting into his stuff so I’m going to just enjoy it for now.



We didn’t have too many hospital visitors – something we strongly wanted to avoid. Just our parents and a few siblings. Everyone was oooing and awwing over the baby. She really is so cute. She has the biggest eyes and such long lashes! I make pretty cute kids 😉


We’re so happy about this newest addition to our family. Cannot wait to see her grow and change in the next few years and develop her own little personality!



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