Theo is officially a kindergartener! Oh man, he is getting so big! And of course he was sooo excited for his first day of school that he didn’t sleep great the night before – can you see the dark circles on his eyes? Silly kid.

I did the same questionaire with him again this year. Here are his adorable and crazy answers:

Favorite Color: still blue!

Favorite Food: Mac N Cheese

Favorite Activity: Playing with friends at recess

Favorite Movie: The Avengers

Favorite Book: Ant Man

Favorite Song: The ironman song

Favorite Candy: Bubblegum

What do you want to be when you grow up: An astronaut and Ironman

What are you most excited about this school year: Recess!

Ah what a goofy kid! This year should be interesting – he’ll be starting to learn to read! Guess its time to bust out his phonic books and early readers. It’s crazy having a kid in kindergarten and a newborn at the same time. I am definitely one tired momma!


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