Theo’s Pirate Party

I can’t believe my baby boy is 6 years old! Eck – where did the time go?!

To celebrate we threw him a totally sweet pirate party – complete with invitations to his friends at school! Being the spacey mom with a newborn, I totally forgot to take pictures of the invitations! I printed them off on tan paper and they were little treasure maps. We rolled them up and stuck them in bottles the get that message in a bottle feel! Perfect for a pirate party.


I put together this awesome loot chest, complete with pearls! Each bag has some gold coins, glow sticks, rubber bouncy balls, and eye patches for the kids. We set it up on the gift table.


I also made a totally awesome banner, which is partially showing in the above pic. It said “Happy Birthday Captain Theo” in a real piratey script. I bought the stripped paper at the craft store and cut it down to the size I wanted. Then printed the letters off on my computer. Lots of cutting a gluing later and ta da – pirate banner! See below pictures for the entire banner.



The kids came in their pirate garb and everyone got a sword at the gate. We set up a board so they could walk the plank and played pin the treasure chest on the map! I also applied pirate tattoos to any worthy swashbucklers! (Which was everyone) Their favorite part though was the pinata filled with candy.


It took quite a few hits and a little mom ripping but eventually the candy came out and they all ran for it! Like our broom set up? Lol – no where to hang a pinata at our house!


For food, we had cucumber and carrot “swords” and pigs in a blanket, or sea snails. I also made some seaweed dip (spinach) and we put out some grapes – or pirate jewels! And of course no party would be complete with out some goldfish!

The cake was pretty awesome. When I first picked it up that day it was falling apart by the time I got it home. Thankfully hubby had time to run it back to the bakery, where they had to re-make the entire thing and delivered it just in time! I got some great themed candles online and set them up all over and Theo made his wish!


After the cake was presents – he got plenty of new pirate legos! And some awesome rockets to shoot off with Daddy. It was all in all a great party – and a total success for being our first party with friends! And bonus – the costume doubled for Halloween!




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