Family Photography

I meant to post these awhile ago but the holidays are crazy right?! So I’m going to share them now for everyone to enjoy!

A couple mom’s in my mommy group asked me to take family photos for them – which I was all too happy to do! The first came across this terrific spot and I ended up doing both sessions there as well as our own. And our family photos turned out so great I just had to share them. I do these myself using a tripod and some photo shop editing – I am by no means a pro but I think I do a good job.

I really love the one of Addy and her teddy – that happens to be the bear Hubby gave me when he proposed. She carries it all over the house, along with her baby doll. Hubby actually took that picture of her – not bad right? We ended up using these in our Christmas card this year – which I also made myself using photo shop. And then printed at home. What can I say, trying to save money here! And really, if you have the ability to DIY why not?

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do!


One Year Old

I can’t believe my baby girl is one already! Time really does fly. And she has grown so much lately! I failed at getting her pictures done right away but with the move and everything I’m happy I managed at all! So here they are – Addy’s One Year pictures!

Seriously, isn’t she just adorable?! Love this little peanut!