Texas Roadtrip

Well ladies and gents, it is official – we have a house!

Last week, hubby and I climbed into our minivan and drove a very long 13 hours down to Abilene, TX. It’s technically only a 12 hour drive but we stopped a few times. It was very interesting watching all the scenery change as we got closer to our destination. Definitely going to have to get used to somethings – like a lack of speed limit signs.. and road signs in general. Except the ice signs. Plenty of those, warning that bridges may ice over in cold weather. This is something we live with in Iowa but apparently its not common in Texas. And wow do they drive fast down there!Β The fields were different too. I’m used to my corn and soybean fields but not in TX. It’s cotton and shrubbery, everywhere! They have these shrubs that look like trees but are small. Kind of weird. All sorts of changes for us to adapt to!

The town is definitely smaller than what we’re used to but it did have the majority of stores that we shop at. Walmart, Target, BB&B, BestBuy, a decent mall, and a few movie theaters.. No Aldi though and that’s my main grocery store so that’s a bummer. We’ll have to make some adjustments but we should be okay. Food selection is a lot more limited. Lots of Mexican, BBQ and steak.. not so much on the variety. I’ve been told there is one good Chinese place but we didn’t try it out so not sure how good it is. We tried a Tex Mex place and I gotta admit, it wasn’t as good as what I’ve had in Iowa! Next time I’ll try authentic instead. Or maybe a classier joint? One steak house we drove by had a sign out front – they deliver! Steak delivery, only in Texas. On another sad note, there is no Panera. I’m very disappointed about that one. I love Panera – awesome sandwiches and soups and omg those bagels! I guess I’ll have to get my fill before we go. And every time we come back to visit. And anytime we go to Fort Worth or Dallas. Lol.

We spent about an hour our first morning looking at houses. We saw 5 altogether and ended up getting our 2nd choice (the first got rented before we made up our mind – they move quick down there!). We’re pretty excited about it – its bigger than our current place and the master has its own bath and huge walk in closet. Theo and Addy will have their own rooms with lots of space and also big closets. There’s a bonus room in the garage – perfect for Daddy’s workout equipment! We were super disappointed about losing our favorite house but this one is actually saving us money with cheaper rent and its right down the street from the elementary school. So really, its a great house. And the backyard is huge – and flat! Hubby has been mowing the hill in our current yard for two years, he’s thrilled that he won’t be doing it anymore! Our new landlord agreed to us getting a temporary style above ground pool too – can’t wait for that one! The yard has a nice privacy fence so it’ll be a great addition for us and the kids with the nice warm Texas weather. Did I mention it’s hot in Texas??

The front of our new house!

We did a little shopping while we were down there. Got hubby to try on a pair of cowboy boots and a hat. Not a bad look on him if I do say so myself.



We considered buying the boots.. but decided to wait until we’re moved and settled. Lots of expenses coming our way, not the best time for extra purchases! But I will say, I loved the boots I tried on! I’ve never thought about buying them before but they were so cute! There’s a regional fair and rodeo in September so I’ll probably be heading back to the store for those boots before then.

We drove back after only 2 days in Abilene – it was a short trip! Got back just in time to pick Addy up from Nana’s house and go home and sleep! We celebrated the 4th with family and had a really awesome weekend just relaxing. It was much needed after all that driving, trust me. Still kind of recuperating – it’s been a long week, despite only having 4 work days. I have less than 2 weeks at my job and we move in 3! Still a lot of packing to do at home and I have a lot of last minute stuff at work so these next few weeks will be stressful. But once it’s all over we can work on settling into our new life in TEXAS!

Happy 4th of July!