The Big Move

Well, we’ve been in TX now for about 3 weeks. Things I have learned:

  • Dry heat is just a miserable as humid heat.
  • Rain is extremely uncommon and the water doesn’t absorb as quickly into the ground as it did in Iowa. So when it does rain, there’s always puddles everywhere. Lots of puddles.
  • Someone needs to open another walk-in hair salon. Seriously. They all seem to have ridiculously long waits all the time.
  • Lizards are now part of my daily life.
  • We need to figure out a sitter ASAP because mama needs a break. Really hot weather = lots of indoor time!

Our move was a little hectic. The drive went okay, have a few close calls with the trailer but it all worked out. The major problem was having no electricity when we got here. Apparently the company we chose needed a copy of an ID but we were unaware. So it took a couple days to sort that out – as we arrived late Saturday night and no one was open on Sunday. But by 10am on Monday we had power and moved out of the hotel and into our house! Hubby’s dad and my dad both came down and helped us unload and set up furniture. It was hard saying bye to family. It is a little lonely living this far away from everyone… but that’s what Skype is for right?!

So far, we have only finished a couple rooms. The kitchen and Theo’s bedroom. I finally finished unpacking boxes in Addy’s room but she needs a couple furniture items to complete the set up. And those probably won’t be purchased for a little while. Our bedroom is still a disaster. Hoping to make some major progress this weekend before Hubs and Theo start school on Monday! The living room is mostly done but I haven’t unpacked any breakables or hung any pictures yet. I need to work on how I want to hang everything. New house, new walls, new layout!Β As soon as the house is more in order, I will post pictures.

Currently, hubby is in Denver for a training session. He’ll be doing some work with AmeriCorps during the school year that required training. He flies back today (he’s been gone since Tuesday) and we can’t wait to see him! It has been a little crazy here with two kids on my own.. especially when you consider that one just get her 12 month shots this week and is super cranky! So yes, definitely ready for Dad to come home and help out.

Last night we went to Theo’s new school and met his teacher. He is super excited! His new teacher seems really nice and his school is less than a block from the house. He’s been asking everyday since we got here if its time to start school yet. The kid is pumped. We went out and bought some school supplies and new shoes. Last year he wore a size 1. He is now at the end of a size 3 so we went with a 4. That’s right, he went up 3 shoe sizes over the summer! I feel a growth spurt coming on…

On our way out of the school someone handed me a flyer for cub scouts. I’m actually seriously considering this as I think it would be really good for Theo. Get him out of the house more, make lots of new friends outside of his classroom, and get him involved in lots of great activities like camping and fishing that he loves to do! I think it would be really good for him so we’re probably going to look into it more. Sign up is in a couple weeks so we have time to decide!

Last weekend we tried out a new church. Overall, we liked it. Very similar to our church back home – Gospel based, big on fellowship and community involvement, small groups that meet weekly. We haven’t been to a small group meeting yet but we did get invited. With Hubs outta town and Addy constantly crying, I felt it wasn’t the best time to explore on my own! But hopefully next week we’ll have the opportunity! I’m looking forward to connecting with more people and building new friendships.

I’m definitely having to adjust to a lot of things – like no more Aldi 😦 But on the whole, things are going well! Now I just need to find a job! Please send prayers that this happens quickly! We’re running low on our savings. Good thing Jonathan will be starting school and we will hopefully be getting a small refund to help replenish some of that money. The last thing we want to do is start using credit cards.

I hope to keep updating more often as life progresses. I know everyone is looking forward to many, many pictures and I promise to take and post some! I still need to take Addy’s one year photos – bought the dress and just haven’t had great weather. But soon!! I promise πŸ™‚